3 mayo 2013,

Nuestro agradecimiento a Mercedes Benz por contar con nuestras instalaciones para la presentación mundial de su nuevo modelo.

Por Maria Carmen Garcia Calleja


  1. Jessica dice:

    Liked your write. I’m a writer so when ideas are prtneseed properly I appreciate.I whole heatedly agree. A man’s stance is paramount and it’s old school’ way of thought. To stand back an admire a man for convictions and self-imposed standards doesn’t happen as often as it should. Young men (I have two teenagers on another continent)are more likely to value a winner’, a fast buck and confuse the flash of their time as currency.Women figure this out eventually as they look harder and deeper.The change I would like to foster is substance over flash and help my guys understand it a bit when the time is right so they can be what a woman of their caliber might like to find.The pack stuff resonates because I just dig that stuff. It’s natural and we do it too. You don’t have to be top dog but should be a real dog.I don’t lead packs because of the headaches and expectations but I’m often looked to as one and that’s enough for me.

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